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So far, Simms has revealed his highly anticipated list of the top 5 quarterback prospects, wide receivers, cornerbacks, running backs, and more. Hell be on the list by the end of the year, Hell be on the list by the end of the year Josh Allen, 3.) Rodgers hasnt had enough good performance on the road or coming from behind to put him ahead of at least 5 or 6 QBs on the all time list despite his unbelieve throwing ability. 3. Last years list ranked Patrick Mahomes (KC), JoshAllen (BUF), and Aaron Rodgers (GB) as the top 3 quarterbacks all three made the playoffs, and Rodgers was named league MVP for the fourth time in his career. Click here for the full list of participants. . Has accuracy, touch, and timing.But just not a strong arm. Brees Very much like Rodgers. Chark reminds me of A.J. 8. He has an explosive first step and great hand usage, and he's a force at the point of attack. And you should. Josh Rosen This thread is archived August 23, 2018 at 12:25 pm, The Packers are 7-9 without Rodgers every year. Lest we forget, the lead-up to that draft was rife with takes about how Jackson would be better off playing a different position, and he won MVP as a quarterback two years later. I don't know about that. video NFL Combine: DeAndre Hopkins Workout Watch Clemson WR DeAndre Hopkins work out at the 2013 NFL. Theres a case to be made. You might be surprised to see USC's Sam Darnold available at No. Holding down the fort, but didn't do anything last yr to prove he's the Lions future.#SimmsTop40. : NFL_Draft 42 Posted by u/Crossfire213 3 days ago Chris Simms Position Rankings through the years. Auburn's Carlton Davis can be that guy. I also don't believe receiver will be a priority for executive vice president Tom Coughlin. I think hes great though. 6. Id Go: You must be logged in to leave a comment. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________. When he then says Rodgers is the GOAT, Elway is 2nd and Brady is 3rd, well I think his 5 minutes of fame should be up by now, Rob Brzezinski is a Magician says: QB #38 Teddy BridgewaterHe is the ultimate backup. He had the best Wonderlic score among top quarterback prospects, has elite size at 6'5", 237 pounds, has elite athleticism for that size and has as an arm that is John Elway-esque. Perhaps he talked to the teams who reportedly also have Wilson above Lawrence on draft boards. Even in high school he was tabbed as a future No. He can both help protect Jimmy Garoppolo and lead Shanahan's run game. The clear implication is that Simms was a top 50 quarterback because he has similar career statistics to Y.A. None of @CSimmsQBs contacts across the NFL have him ranked that high. For a team that values versatility and playmaking along the defensive front, Bryan is a great fit. Matthew Stafford fourth? Hes never been one. 2. suckafree9rs415 says: A project at the position won't cut it. Cousins He reminds me of Richard Sherman when he was coming out of Stanford, only more athletic and more explosive. Just mere months remain until the draft, as prospects gather to kickstart their careers and fulfill lifelong dreams. Here goes: 1. RELATED: Expanded 2023 NFL Draft Rankings. Watson Jimmy G will rip this list to shreds. Moore is the right pick here. I think he's 7th best. Lamar Jackson, 2.) Wouldnt it make more sense to list some of the other great games that Simms has had? The Jacksonville Jaguars have almost no weaknesses. Wheres he ranked? I've been around the NFL a long time, and I love putting my experience and knowledge to work during the predraft process. He doesnt even believe his own rankings his sole goal is to be contrarian. What qualifies you fan boys to say anything about the NFL? Great point. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. He can make plays as a 3-technique. The guy played outside in 40-degree Wyoming weather and had terrible talent around him. Big reason why Zimmer has been building this defense. lol @ Andrew Luck. The Patriots have their next Solder sitting at No. More of a statistical guy, yet padded by pass-first offense. I can tell you two things for sure, though: Simms is definitely in the minority with the opinion that Wilson is a better prospect than Lawrence, and Simms has earned the benefit of the doubt with his recent QB prospect takes. Six years prior to Fenimore, the Bears chose Tom Harmon with the No. He played offensive tackle in college, but at 6'3" and 313 pounds, he's physically suited to play guard as a pro. Nelson is one of the best players in this draft, and he'll help the Broncos in two big ways. Not sure he will have an opportunity to perform. 1 overall. Like the Jaguars, the Philadelphia Eagles have the freedom to make a luxury pick in Round 1. Name another coach with 5 walk off postseason losses? I cannot say definitively that Simms is wrong to think this because he, as an analyst for NBC, has spent far more of his time breaking down prospects than I probably ever will. For a team that's a little soft in the middle of the defense, James would add a lot. Smith can be Oakland's version of Vontaze Burfict. 1 overall pick, and nothing has changed since. The Baltimore Ravens could go a number of ways at No. I don't believe the New York Giants are going to go quarterback at No. He'll fit right in replacing Colvin, and with a little seasoning may be able to move to the outside if Jacksonville decides it can't afford Jalen Ramsey or A.J. The 2023 NFL Combine takes place on Thursday, March 2 through Sunday, March 5 at Lucas Oil Stadiumhome of the Indianapolis Colts. 1 draft pick, Chris Simms ranks the top 16 quarterbacks, Report: Derek Carr wants $35 million per year, Mike McCarthy: Kellen Moore wants to light the scoreboard up, I want to run the damn ball, The Raiders are the betting favorites to land Aaron Rodgers, ESPN reiterates report that Lamar Jackson wants a fully-guaranteed deal, Arrest warrant issued for Jalen Carter for reckless driving, racing, Aaron Rodgers says hell make a decision soon enough, Competition Committee begins to explore the quarterback push play, Players say Chiefs discourage them from reporting injuries, have NFLs worst training staff, Report: Jalen Carter was present at teammates fatal crash, misled police about it. I wont argue too much if someone wants to put him ahead of Brady, although I disagree. He wasnt even top 10 when he was healthy. But of course Vikings fans and Pats fans know more about QBs than Chris Simms who played the position There are concerns about his 56.2 completion percentage, but I'm sick of hearing about them. The season cant start soon enough to suit me. I think his track record speaks for itself. Luck should not be on the list at all. Rodgers is saddled with the second coming of Marty Schottenheimer. Seattle Seahawks (via the Denver Broncos), Philadelphia Eagles (via the New Orleans Saints), Houston Texans (via the Cleveland Browns), New Orleans Saints (via 49ers, by way of Broncos and Dolphins). 1 on the list, even though hes playing on No. The next big thing would be the mental aspectThird would be leadership, the effect you have on the football teamand the last one to me would be pocket presence, because there is something to thatThose four things to me are really the way I break it down.. Does he still have Garoppolo in the top ten? #28 Marcus MariotaHe's big (size is a skill), can run, with a pretty good arm. However, it's more imperative that Atlanta finds a replacement for Dontari Poe next to standout defensive tackle Grady Jarrett. freefromwhatyouare says: "The running is the best running I've ever seen from a quarterback other than Michael Vick. When asked to rank the quarterbacks, they were as follows: The Cleveland Browns have the No. 3) Brees, After that I really dont care nor do I think it matters, Name another coach that allowed Colin Kaepernick to go for 444 yards.. Colin Kaepernick!!!!.. Wynn will help improve the Buffalo running game and will help protect AJ McCarron and/or Mayfield from the interior pass rush. If you can't win in man, he doesn't believe you can win. Edmunds is built to play in a 3-4 defense, which is the base of defensive coordinator Vic Fangio's system. Instead, the team should and will address its 30th-ranked run defense. Vander Esch is athletic and versatile enough to play both inside and outside, and he fits the New England-style scheme coordinator Dean Pees is likely to run. Daniels is a phenomenal player. 31 in the form of UCLA's Kolton Miller. Cleveland gets its quarterback and the Titans get extra draft capitalit's a win-win. I think the quarterback class is a hair overrated," Simms said via cant even get a job right now. How is Cousins not in the top 15? He has a 126 Rating, are you only worried about the moment being too big for him? Rodgers He fights for his life every season and doesnt win when it counts. The Vikings had more injuries than the Packers and went 13-3. He has starting QB qualities, and I bet he has a long leash as the Falcons starter this season.#SimmsTop40, #27 Mitchell TrubiskyAlthough it was just preseason, he really did look like a different guy w/ the Bills, in an offense much more advanced than Matt Nagy's.Trubisky has real talent, strong arm & athletic. 2023 Minute Media - All Rights Reserved, Some of his pro comparisons are outrageous, also have Wilson above Lawrence on draft boards, Ryan Phillips is responsible for that sort of thing at The Big Lead, an entire feature video for Bleacher Report. I also like that Hernandez has a bit of nasty in him. General Manager John Dorsey acquired veteran quarterback Tyrod Taylor in a trade with the Buffalo Bills. One of the biggest questions is already answered: what rookie quarterbacks will make the list? Rogers = Dilfer. Always quick to discount any success and just give it to scheme and coaching. Why would you refute the statement that Phil Simms has had one great game in his life by posting the career statistics of Simms and Y.A. Most people I see are saying he's underrated and one of the better QB's. Spoiler: Bortles didnt make it. 1 spot for the majority of the season, a Texans victory against the Colts ultimately handed the top position to the Chicago Bears. Russ had an all-time defense. number 1 to 5 overall: Josh Rosen (Obvious choice) , Lamar Jackson (Upside is too high to ignore and not as big of a chance to bust as Allen), number 6 to 11: Sam Darnold (Average QB), Mayfield (more of a risk but higher upside than Darnold), Mid to Late 1st: Josh Allen (No matter how high his upside is, he is a massive project and will only succeed with good coaching and sitting behind one of the aging vets in Brees, Roethlisberger, Rivers, Eli or Brady for a year or two). He was the only person who had Herbert over Tua last year. Tittle in their Top 50 QBs of all time. 10. Darnold completed 303-of-480 passes for 4,143 yards, 26 touchdowns and 13 interceptions last season. I am glad Chris Simms pulled his head out of his A*s to do the debate with Florio. Plus, BB has Brady not the other way around. That's why I'd take Tremaine Edmunds from Virginia Tech. Viking fans will go nuts which is hilarious. I dont think so. Baker Mayfield, 4.) Theres certainly some distance between the quality of #1 to #3. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. But it's hard to win in the NFL with a QB who is just trying not to lose. _________. . _________________. 12. LSU's Chark is one of the most underrated wideouts in the draft. 1 overall, Every pick from every round of the 2022 NFL Draft, What Colts offer to Bears for No. Nelson is as good a guard prospect as I've seen since I got into this business, and he could be in the conversation for the league's best guard in Year 1. I think Cousins will move up this on this list next year just because hes playing on a better team. Im not arguing that Rogers isnt more gifted. Sam Darnold, 5.) I'm going to keep things within the realm of possibilityI won't have the Cleveland Browns drafting two quarterbacks in the top five, even if that would give them a better chance of finally getting the position right. I don't know if I could pass on Jackson at #28 and I'm confident he will. It's hard to find many instances where wide receivers got open against him, plus he'll quickly be in the mix as one of the top punt returners in football. That wasn't necessarily an unpopular opinion at the time; the questions about Mahomes entering the draft that year was not about his talent but if he could harness it effectively. People talk about his accuracy, but his pass-protection was poor, and he had the worst talent around him of any of these guys but hes got the biggest upside of anyone in the class. Bleacher Report NFL analyst Chris Simms has Lamar Jackson pegged as the No. The Packers need elite QB play on free plays and phantom facemask calls to win games. Can 49ers fix his accuracy/mechanics?He has the potential to shoot up this list.#SimmsTop40, #30 Jared GoffTougher than he gets credit for, willing to take a hit in the pocket. Moore is the perfect weapon to pair with Ezekiel Elliott because opposing defenses will think twice about leaving him one-on-one in coverage. New York needs to add a player who can help it win now, and that's exactly what Barkley is. But this is a results business. With a little guidance from Patriots line coach Dante Scarnecchia, Miller has the potential to be New England's left tackle for years. Mike Florio and Chris Simms during the 2018 NFL . Aaron is great, for sure, but to put him above Mahoes and Goff this year is unreal. It was a little less than 56 minutes through, but still really bad and on the worse stage. Chris Simms Rankings of the 2018 QB Draft Class: 1.) The Cardinals have Sam Bradford and Mike Glennon, so Jackson will have time to develop. On the latest episode of The Simms & Lefkoe. Baltimore needs to find that guy on its front seven that every other team will fear on a weekly basis. He used to play quarterback, he's Phil Simms' son and he's smart. Look at their stats and wins for the last three years and theyre nearly identical. If you base it solely on last year it wouldnt be right, but it does make sense. He has good range, he's a force in the box, and he's aggressive. He pegged Patrick Mahomes as the most special QB talent in the 2017 draft, ranked Lamar Jackson and Josh Allen as the two best quarterbacks in the 2018 draft class and had Justin Herbert as the second-best QB prospect in 2020 behind Joe Burrow. Wentz He's a tremendous football player, and he can do anything you ask him to along the interior defensive line. Hughes would give Green Bay a shutdown man corner and special teams value. These rankings are borderline ridiculous. L.A. doesn't have any glaring weaknesses, so it can afford to take Darnold and sit him for a couple of years. So maybe he does know what he's talking about and isn't just ranking Lawrence second to drive engagement. August 23, 2018 at 2:54 pm, I was replying to one of your fellow clowns who said Phil Simms has had one great game in his life Draft week is an exciting time in the NFL. Id guess dead last. Throwing and running, taking both of those into account thats part of the game right now in the 2022 NFL. 26. Georgia's Isaiah Wynn is the perfect fit for the Buffalo offense. Stafford I think he'll be a decent starter for some time in the NFL. August 23, 2018 at 11:41 am It wouldn't hurt to have another downfield playmaker, but that doesn't fit Blake Bortles' strengths. This is why Smith can have an immediate impact. Hes just not the best. Wynn has long arms, can move well in a phone booth and can drive defenders at the point of attack. Without Belichick, the Patriots dont hold the Seahawks and Falcons scoreless in the 4th quarter of those games and Brady wouldnt have been able to come back. freefromwhatyouare says: Rodgers ranked #1. Chris Simms rating QBs is like Trump rating Presidents. Former NFL quarterback Chris Simms made waves last year by placing Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles at No. His ability to keep plays alive contributes to his value. At least, I sort of hope so. Runs like a slot receiver and can make all the throws. #SimmsTop40, #31 Trey LanceOne of the hardest guys to rank. Wilson, meanwhile, is a fast riser in this year's draft class and nobody outside of draftnik circles heard his name before the calendar turned to 2021 and mock draft season began in earnest. Ryan It makes more sense, though, to make a pick that helps them get back to their defensive identity. Luck should definitely be off the list until he proves it again on the field. He might not dominate every contest, but there's no weakness to his game. The returns are still early, but both of those guys look better than Dwayne Haskins or Ryan Finley, while the jury is still out on Daniel Jones. However, I don't spend hundreds of hours trying to figure out what teams are thinking or how they view prospects. Is he purposely ranking QBs like this to get people talking? 1 overall pick would look like. You also should watch PFT Live every weekday morning from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. This is why finding a new running mate for Stephon Gilmore will be imperative. 1. RELATED: 2023 NFL draft order: Top 18 picks are set with Bears at No. Saints had 2 probowl running backs punching em in. Watson He's a tremendous athlete, he's physical and he'll be able to do everything the Steelers ask him to do. We've seen snippets, but it never quite gets there. Too funny. Garoppolo See below for Chris Simms 2022 Top 40 QB Countdown ahead of the upcoming season, with rankings continuing through June 13, when Simms will reveal his top four quarterbacks of the season. The Packers are 7-9 without Rodgers every year. ET. Ive never actually made a list of my top 50 quarterbacks of all time so I dont know if Phil Simms would made the list or not, but I do know you have to be a complete clueless clown to make a case for a guy who played in the 80s and 90s by comparing his career statistics to a guy who played in the 50s and 60s. Landry could lead the NFL in sacks a few times in his career, and he's a guy Ravens fans will love. 17, but I have several concerns about him. It's full of drama, and above all else, it's extremely unpredictable. Hes toward the bottom as a thrower of the football, and hes careless with the football," Simms explained. But I also think he could end up how everyone wanted Vick to end up, I imagine his work ethic is much better than a young Vick's. With Barkley and Odell Beckham Jr., New York could have the two best offensive players who aren't quarterbacks this season. ======. Moore phenomenal at playing the ball in the air, and he'll make life easier on Dak Prescott. Ryan Sims is a Brady hater. August 23, 2018 at 11:21 am, Viking fans will go nuts which is hilarious. Chubb's addition would also automatically put the team in the conversation for having the best pass-rusher duo in football with him and Garrett.