How to get all win screens in Shantae and the Seven Sirens and what they look like. Breaking them all in 2 rounds will get you that Squid Heart as well as unlocking the Contest Winner achievement. Terms of Use. Mengikuti. Bring this to the boy next to the save room in the lower left. I will list them in order from left to right along the upper buildings first and then left to right along the lower buildings. When the cannonball hits the grounds, it'll fire a projectile in both directions. The solution is shown in the image above. If you do hit all 10 masks in just 10 shots, you will unlock a Heart Squid. Do keep this in mind when watching.#ShantaeAndTheSevenSirens #Shantae #Shantae5 #WayForward A.J. It is 14mb and 10,000 x 8849 which is the resolution I made it at. Jump on the first one when it's safe and dash jump over the next to reach the end of that room. Just dig down to avoid this. Crawl through the floor as exactly where the marker shows in the image above and attack the sparkles to get some bonus gems. Shantae and the Seven Sirens - Full Gameplay Walkthrough ( Longplay) Playlist: You can also bring 3 ores to him in order to gain armor. Win Screens Guide (Spoilers!) Dig straight up and break the pots for some goodies here. Charges - When she stands at either side of the room and charges her sword, she'll dash across the room. They are responsible for the kidnapping of the Half-Genies during the Half-Genie Festival, and are the eponymous main antagonists in Shantae and the Seven Sirens. Wait for her to stop to shoot her pistol and crouch to get in lots of attacks while she's firing. Ideal for first timers. Go down at this split while avoiding the turrets. I will. Break the key free and go back to the right. "1080p 60fps .More .More Play all Shuffle 1 0:46 Shantae and the Seven Sirens - Opening (1080p. A.J. Maciejewski (crazyaejay): Hi, Peter. Laser Shot - One spot will flash and fire a laser that will turn in your direction. You need to hit a mask every single shot to win it. Dungeon Defenders: Awakened Beginners Guide, This guide explains how to get all win screens in Shantae and the Seven Sirens and what they look like. She'll point at you and yell "Attack!" Six of them were defeated by Shantae, while the Lobster Siren was last seen bidding farewell to her. On the way down, you'll run into a Metal Slag, a new enemy. Maciejewski for Guides on June 1, 2020 . stuck in oubliette of suffering. Move ahead to the next room. Shotgun Shots - When she jumps on either side of the room, she'll fire three quick shotgun blast shots. Shantae: Half-Genie Hero - A Step-by-Step Guide, Shantae and the Pirate's Curse: A Step-by-Step Guide, Shantae: Risky's Revenge - A Step-by-Step Guide, Shantae and the Seven Sirens: All Cutscenes, Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Ultimate Edition Review, Shantae: Risky's Revenge - Director's Cut Review, Talk to the mayor then save your game in the room marked with a book, Head right 1 screen to find and talk to Harmony, Run left past the central hub area and enter the room marked with a telescope then descend the hole and keep heading down and left until you find Zapple, Walk right a couple screens to find Fillin The Blank, Work your way back to the surface, go left 1 screen, descend the hole, keep heading left, open the chest for a Nugget, and then talk to Vera, Keep going left and talk to Plink and you'll warp back to town then enter the rightmost door to watch a cool cutscene, Run right until you reach the end then head down the hole and go left to collect another Nugget and your first Heart Squid from the cave at the end, Go all the way right, meet Risky Boots along the way, jump down the hole to enter the Service Area, and head into the first door on the right to discover a Warp Room, Exit the room and travel down and to the left to eventually see your uncle which triggers a short cutscene, After Shantae bruises her bum, run right, fall down the hole, go right at the bottom, and follow the path right and down to reach the entrance to Water Lily's Den, Head right then down and at the bottom, go left 1 screen, stand on the button, and go left for a couple arena fights, After receiving the Key, run right, unlock the door, stand on the button then quickly jump up and go right, In this large room, work your way to the bottom-right and crawl left from the bottom-left platform to claim a Map from the chest, Exit via the top-right door to fight an enemy for another Key, Enter the bottom-right door in the large room, stand on the button and jump to the right then carefully navigate through the linear path and fight Risky Boots, Keep going left and down to find Plink and receive the Dash Newt, Climb out of this room and ascend all the way up to receive a Heart Squid, Exit this room to the left and climb and dash to get another Heart Squid, Head left 1 screen then ascend and at the top, go right, navigate your way around, and jump over the Key at the end to get some money, After collecting the Key from the left side, hold left so you end up on a ledge then dash right for the final Heart Squid, Go left and down for a tricky arena fight, save your game, and fight the Water Lily Siren (Sunbathing Seaweed) by pushing the buttons to slide the boss into the light which stuns her then hit her as much as you can - touching her won't hurt you, Head back until you reach a pool of water then go up with the Dash Newt ability to get a Nugget from a chest, Go left and ascend the column then keep going left and up back to town where you can exchange 4 Heart Squids at the Squidsmith and purchase some upgrades, Keep moving straight to the left while dashing over gaps and enter the hut at the end where you can get a Smooth Barnacle from a trash can, Head all the way back to town and enter the room with a star on it then warp, exit the room, ascend, and head right to receive another Heart Squid and keep going to get a Lumpy Barnacle, Navigate back to town, go to the item shop, and talk to the lady with the goggles to receive the Fusion Stone then give it to Plink in the rightmost room to get the Seer Dance, Run left of town, go down the hole, head left, enter the cave to get another Heart Squid, keep going left, and use the Seer Dance at the end to reach Tree Town, Talk to the chief in the middle hut, enter the top-left hut, play the mini-game, and talk to the chief again for the Useless Object, Go right from the village and open the hatch with the Useless Object to enter the Mossy Biome, run all the way right, and go up to get a Nugget from a chest, Head back and go down the first hole then take the first right to eventually find your uncle who will give you a Handle, Work your way back to where you entered the Mossy Biome, go left, and use the Handle on the device to raise the water then go up and left to enter the Coral Mine, Follow the linear path, fight the golem in the arena, take a detour up for another Heart Squid, and go left for a puzzle room, To solve the puzzle, push the top and bottom rows all the way left, push the middle row so there are 2 empty blocks left and 1 empty block right of it, pull the chain down, and break the block to get a Key, Run all the way right, open the door, go up and right, and use your Seer Dance and Dash Newt to get some extra money then go back and head down, Take the first right for a save spot then destroy the golems in the arena by pulling the chain and move on to acquire a Key, Go back to the column and take a left at the bottom to get another Key then go all the way right while unlocking 2 doors along the way only to end up at another puzzle room, To solve this puzzle, push the bottom row all the way left, the middle all the way right, and the top should have 1 empty block to the left of it, Move left past the tricky room for another save spot and keep going to fight Risky Boots again then get the Gastro Drill from Vera, After mining your way back to a familiar room, go right and dig down for a Heart Squid then head all the way left for a puzzle (top and middle rows with 2 empty blocks to the left and the bottom with 1) which grants a Key, Go right 1 screen and ascend, go left and down for a Key, and then head down where you just ascended, go right 1 screen and head down to find a Map then go left to work your way to the boss, To defeat the Coral Siren (Drills to the Gills), dodge the bombs, drill down to avoid its charge attack, and hit it after it jumps, Head right and talk to a scientist who will mark 6 Mermaid Shells on your map then go right and all the way down then left for another Warp Room, Warp back to town and go down the telescope room hole, circle around and head down and left so you can drill down then save your game to the left and go left, up, and all the way left for a Heart Squid, Go all the way back to the right and drill down as soon as you can, pick up a Nugget on the right, and go left and down to reach the Deep Sea Domain, Follow the path then head up at the intersection to uncover a Mermaid Shell behind the glowing sand and go all the way up for a Heart Squid then go right and pick up another Mermaid Shell, Keep heading right, go down a bit, take the first right, and dig for another Mermaid Shell then head down and dig for one more Mermaid Shell then go down some more for the final Mermaid Shell, At the bottom of this room, get a Nugget from the chest and head all the way back to the scientist (look at, Head up and left, enter the cave for a Heart Squid then go left to Tree Town and enter the leftmost hut to trade the Lucky Amulet to Vera for the Refresh Dance, By the way, you can use the Refresh Dance, Warp to the right Warp Room, exit and head up then all the way right and perform the Refresh Dance for the sleepy dude, enter the submarine, and talk to the goggle lady to descend to the Laboratory, Follow the path left and use the Refresh Dance on the statue to get a Dagron Ball then follow along and go up at the crossroads then keep going and head down at the next crossroads, Keep moving and awaken another statue to get the 2nd Dagron Ball, head back to the previous crossroads and go up and right to discover a Warp Room and the 3rd statue and corresponding Dagron Ball, Run all the way left and give the Dagron Balls to Squid Baron then enter the Sea Vent Lab, head right, go down at the crossroads then keep going down and left for a save point, In the next room, work your way to the leftmost side and hit the red switch then go to the bottom-right corner for a chest with a Key in it and exit via the top-left, Now, head right again and go up at the first opportunity, head left, and acquire another Key in the puzzle room then exit via the top-right and save your game, Follow the path ahead and go right at the bottom, fall down and unlock the right door then exit the large room ahead from the top and unlock the door on the right, Keep going right and collect the Key from the chest in the tricky room, exit left, ascend the column and snag the Map from the right then unlock the door on the left, You'll fight Risky Boots again after the save spot then rescue Zapple and receive the Bonker Tortoise fusion so head all the way down and go right at the bottom crossroads, Go right after the save spot and in the square cannon room, push left then right when you have the decision in order to receive a Key from a chest and head back, snagging a Heart Squid on the way, In the next cannon room, push left, down, right, and up to progress to the boss Tubeworm Siren (Parasite Petting Princess), To beat the boss, hit the tentacles as they emerge, stomp on the eye when it moves along the floor then rapidly attack the boss when it's stunned, Stomp to the left of the dungeon's entrance to get a Nugget from a chest then head down and left from the left Warp Room to reach the Sunken Shipyard, Grab a Nugget from the bottom-left of the large room then exit via the bottom-right, follow along and head left when given the choice to reach a Warp Room then meet a ghost in the next room to get a Fusion Stone, Warp back to town and head all the way right and up to reach Armor Town (use the Refresh Dance on a wilted flower on the way for a Nugget) and talk to Zapple in the bottom-right room to receive the Spark Dance then talk to the Armor Baron who's in the room above for the Codebook, Head left to town while using your new dance on 2 windmills for a couple Ores and talk to the mayor to get some Melba Toast then run directly left for a windmill with a Nugget, Warp to Tree Town to trade the Melba Toast with Bolo for Nuts and Bolts then head to, Fight the enemies in the arena to get the Drool-Stained Doll, open the chest in the next room for a Nugget, and then head back to Armor Town, Give the doll to the girl left of Armor Baron's room, give the next doll to the boy right of the save room, and then give another doll to the guy right of the Warp Room, Warp to the bottom-left point then keep heading right and up, use the Spark Dance to open the door and use it again in the next room to get a Nugget, Head left of the Warp Room and give the Scary Doll to the ghost to gain access to The Boiler then head left and jump on the eyeball box when it's looking up and take the next ones left and down, Run left and ascend, fight the arena monsters, use the Seer Dance after the symbol room then input those symbols to get a Key and head left, drill down, go right, and drill down again while collecting the Heart Squid, Follow the path left from the bottom and fight Risky Boots then rescue Harmony and acquire the Sea Frog fusion, Keep following along, use the Spark Dance in the dark room to progress, make sure to snag the Heart Squid in the top-left of a dark eyeball platform room, fight some arena enemies, use Refresh Dance to purify the water, and then head left at the top, Head left until you see a pool then dive down and enjoy the gem-collecting mini-games, use Seer Dance after heading left 1 room (memorize the symbols), keep going, and then stay on the final eyeball platform to obtain another Heart Squid, Run to the right until you can enter the symbols then acquire the Key, traverse the map all the way left, up, and around and after drilling down, head left, purify the water, and unlock the door only to eventually face the boss, The Angler Fish Siren (Deep Sea Creep) can be defeated by whipping one of the bouncing eyeballs, collecting gems, and standing beside the boss when she emerges while whipping her like crazy, Keep moving right and down, collect a Nugget from the chest in the big room, exit that room by swimming down at the bottom, head all the way right then up and collect another Nugget from a chest then go right as soon as you can, Fall down a long hole and talk to a dog to receive the Dog Collar, climb up, run right, get a Nugget from a chest, swim right and up for a Heart Squid, go back and use the bottom-left warp then talk to the ghost to the left to acquire a Fusion Stone, Travel around to the top-left part of this area, swim up and left, collect a Nugget from a chest, break a rock and power a node for another Nugget then head right at the crossroads, Work your way forward and save your progress then go down if you want to collect a Heart Squid from a tricky cave and go left to receive the Quake Dance from Harmony, Use the dance right away for a Nugget then use it again in the left room to get the Right Bracelet and head to, Head back to the crossroads, go up to collect a Nugget from a chest, and enter the cave then run right for a Heart Squid and head left and up to reach Tree Town, Warp to the bottom point, go left and down, and give the Bracelets to the dog to get the Drained Power Rod then warp to the right point and work your way back to the Metal Fish submarine, Talk to the scientist inside then head to the spot that he marked on your map while entering a cave to get a Heart Squid along the way, In the big room, enter the center block from the left and navigate your way to a chest with a Nugget inside then exit to the top-left for another Nugget, Get back to the big room, exit to the bottom-right then use the Spark Dance in the spike room to descend, use the Seer Dance when you hit a dead end, and then push the button and rescue the scientist to receive the Powered Up Rod, Head all the way to the new mark on your map, push the button after the scene and follow the path all the way left for a reunion then enter the Squid Pit and after talking with your friends, a timer will begin counting down, Fall down to the bottom and collect a Key then enter each locked door to fight enemies, find a Key, use the Spark Dance to power up a node, and break stuff to extend your time, Once you master all 8 rooms (watch me clumsily do so, When you're ready, head up and fight the Octo Siren (Eight Times the Terror) by figuring out the order to smash the 6 little brains then smacking the brain that emerges from the floor, Follow the only path and enter a couple caves along the way to get some Heart Squids then keep going and you'll end up back at town after a scene, Run right and jump and dash up when you can to defeat Energy Collector Mk. Pistol Shot - When she aims her pistol with one hand, she'll fire 12 projectiles. Shantae and the Seven Sirens Walkthrough and Guide, The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me. Favorite. Save at the save room and get ready for the boss fight. What kind of NG+ is that! BE WARNED: SPOILERS AHEAD! This boss really only has one attack you have to be careful with. I found the hidden seer / quake / stomp nuggets to be mostly pretty opaquely hidden, so this was invaluable for helping me 100% everything. Move to the right quick and duck into the small alcove when you reach a dead end. Newly Eliminated It's time for group play! A.J. She'll give you the Bran-Son Doll. Quickly run through this room only killing the snakes in your way. Related Articles. You can come here to refill your health by getting in the water. How to Beat All Bosses First Boss: Lu Wu Lu Wu is the first boss you'll encounter and is, in essence, more of a tutorial boss that shouldn't give you too much trouble even with no talent upgrades unlocked. Continue up to where you started and you'll see you can begin going even higher! Start going down again. Save Rottytops and she'll grant you the Jet Octo fusion which will unlock the Final Form achievement. Head to the right and speak with your friends. Shantae and the Seven Sirens Walkthrough and Guide, The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me. This puzzle is easy, just hit the bottom row once to the left so it appears as shown above and climb on the chain. The first wave will have big gaps between, then the second will be quicker and the third will be so quick there won't be any gaps between the bombs. Risky Boots will have all of her attacks minus the minions as well as adding one new attack. Fuck Me Hard Before The Others Come Back. There are a total of 7 buildings you can enter in Armor Town. The following room will be dark with some spike blocks. You definitely want to speak to Zapple to get the Spark Dance and to Armor Baron to get a Codebook to bring to the mayor of Arena Town. On top of that, you can also play a New Game + which you can access by choosing a New Game slot. If you missed something in there, just head to one of the entrances and you'll find one of the scientists there. Of course, there are many more collectibles to find so keep exploring and see what you can discover. You'll see Crystal Crabs in here. I unlocked the first one! The first part of the game was released for, and alongside, Apple Arcade on September 19, 2019. Hitting the wrong one will make them all refresh. Shantae and the Seven Sirens Tour Route Enemies Bat - You'll see bats hanging from the ceiling. There's only one Circus Squid here and the rest of the labyrinth is safe until you reach the boss. It was developed and published by . 22 Videos. Hit the rows of tiles until they create the pattern shown below: With the proper path laid out, jump on the chain to the left and hold down to launch a fireball down and create a key. Everything listed within this info box will show where to backtrack to 100% the game. Key Features:* Traverse a vast, interconnected undersea world. Jordyn Carder: I'm in the coral mine at the first puzzle, but when I pull the chain it doesn't do anything, and I have the block rows lined up right. Valve Corporation. (Duh!) Just keep your distance and move between the shots. Each arena will be behind a locked door so you'll have to go one by one. Nothing new here, bring her 4 Heart Squids Locations#Heart Squids for an extra heart container. Head to the left when you reach the bottom of this room. Purchase the following items here: The Armor Baron resides in here. You'll be in the room shown in the image above. As always, I'm here to help so if you have any questions or need any further assistance, leave a comment below and I'll get back to you ASAP! The Seven . The small masks will pay 1 gem, the medium masks will pay 5 gems, and the large mask will pay 10 gems. All rights reserved. Incredible map. . Full maps for all areas, created using the Apple Arcade version. Best have a map handy and tick off stuff as you find it. after months of traveling and spending all of my money, i finally made it to sequin land. When you pass underneath them, they will drop down and slowly fly straight towards you. If you get to the final chapter of the game (chapter 6) and realise you missed some nuggets here which are now inaccessible due to the Tour Route taking off, talking to the three scientists at the entrances to the Tour Route (one near the entrance from Laboratory, one in the Service Area, and one in Mossy Biome) will give you the nuggets you missed. Hurry to the right and you'll find some new enemies, the Circus Squids. Thanks for making the game easy to enjoy. This will open up the hatch below and remove the timer for the rest of the labyrinth. How to get all win screens in Shantae and the Seven Sirens and what they look like. 2. There will always be magic potions in the room with the machine you have to charge so you'll always have enough magic to use your Spark Dance. These will spit out stones in the same spot that arc up and back down. Start off by dropping down into the room below you. Drop down and you'll see a chest to the left. Orb Shots - You'll see 5 Orbs charge up from around the room that will all fire in your direction at the same time. The default win screen for completing the game. Continue to the left until you reach a chest with a key in it. For the group stage, vote for as many songs as you like! Please see the. How to Improve Audio Tutorial For those who have played the game, the audio may appear a []. This is just like the other item shops. There are a total of 7 buildings you can enter in Armor Town. Triple digits for the first and probably last time! Game released on May 28, 2020.Many thanks for watching. Take as long as you want but make sure you get every single heart squid and golden nugget on the map for this one (which is, in my opinion, the best). Shantae And The Seven Sirens - 100% Walkthrough Part 1: Water Lilys Den Shantae and the Seven Sirens also called Shantae 5 released for Nintendo Switch, PC, Playstation 4 and XBOX One and. Entering Tree Town will unlock the Hidden Village achievement. Now let's head back to the Sunken Shipyard through the Warp Room. Shantae and the Seven Sirens - 100% World Map (+ Labyrinths) Next. Anything that you could have unlocked already without going out of your way will have been mentioned earlier in the guide. Crab. Jump up along the right side and collect the Heart Squid on the right side with your new triple jump ability. Dig around this room and exit this room to the left for another forge puzzle. 3 then go all the way left and climb to destroy Energy Collector Mk. This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator. 17 min 03 sec 108.1K. Vera's Hut will be empty until you rescue her. Bring her 4 Heart Squids for an extra health point. Make sure to avoid the fire shockwave when doing so. This is the same as the Squidsmith in Arena Town. You have 5 shots per round but there's infinite rounds. Subscribe for more full games!Please note that any fades or cuts in the video are breaks in the recording. Main Channel: Buy Game: Game Description (Steam):Shantae is back in an all-new tropical adventure! Enjoy Part 1 of Shantae and the Seven Sirens,. You'll be safe if you wall climb into a top corner to catch your breath for everything except her new attack, the grapple. Hair whip the key to pick it up and head back to the far right until you go through the locked door. Group 112 Results! If you break them all in 3 rounds, you'll get a bonus 50 gems and if you break them all in 4 rounds, you'll get a bonus 15 gems. Enjoy Part 1 of Shantae and the Seven. Simply an Item Shop, it'll have the same items at the same prices as the shop in Arena Town. Comments for Shantae and the Seven Sirens: A Step-by-Step Guide. Now head back to the right. The Tour Route will be caved in and you won't be able to return. These are invincible to your attacks but you can push them back. Shantae and the Seven Sirens New Game+ is a lie. Go to the right the first chance you get for a chance to save your progress. Shantae: Risky's Revenge - Director's Cut. This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. Don't worry about missing one, there's no time or shot limit you have to hit to proceed the story. 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