Indeed, it is a must for them because of the high vulnerabilities present in that protection scheme. If you or your principal have noticed that somebody has been following you, it can be for a multitude of reasons. In broad terms, anti-surveillance tactics comprise a series of actions to identify sources of unwanted attention from the media, stalkers, followers, fixated persons, groups, or forms of hostile reconnaissance. Hours later, you are on your way home from work and stop to get gas. Another superficial but exciting debate is if Anti fits the etymology for ongoing SD operations (preventive or reactive) rather than Counter. Same debate in, -terrorism. Advanced bugs can be remotely operated to switch on and off, and some may even rapidly switch frequencies according to a predetermined pattern in order to make location with sweepers more difficult. If they do make sure to write down the description of the vehicle and people. You're signed up for the American Outdoor Guide Boundless newsletter. Same as the really old word, Seeking Professional Change in the EP Industry, Situational Awareness A Foundational Element in Protective Operations and other Security Related Fields, Executive Protection in India: Interview with Varun Kareparambil, Greed in Executive Protection: EP Series on Ethics, Alleged Ties of Haiti Assassination and Miami Security Firm, Useful Advice on Travel and Vehicle Selection in West Africa, Why You Need an Executive Protection Agent: The Big Reasons, A Woman in Executive Protection: Interview with Dr Mary Beth Wilkas Janke. Im sure everyone wants to dive right into how you can ditch a tail and other counter surveillance techniques, but before you can do that you have to have a understanding how the surveillance process works. Even the appearance that you are looking around can be helpful. A typical surveillance combines the following chain of events: 1. Once you enter the cul-de-sac get in a position to exit quickly if someone follows you in. He asks ifyou knew this object was installed underyour car. Sometimes things dont go according to plan. Additionally, Ami Tobens book Surveillance Zone touches on all aspects of surveillance and is worth reading. But the key here is not to let them gather information on the routes you take. Items such as audio recorders can be very difficult to detect using electronic equipment. It can activate within seconds and lets even new users sweep and identify different frequencies with ease. It is incredibly easy to become the target of a physical surveillance. Applying a certain level of paranoia during planning and operations will ensure you dont drop your guard. If you have passed this self-assessment quiz, youare ready to learn active counter-surveillance techniques. Following steady, easy-to-predict schedules before employing aforementioned countermeasures may make the surveillance detail complacent and thus easier to lose. Fortunately,there are ways to identify whether you are indanger of becoming a victim. I would say unless you know for an absolute fact you are being followed, drive your normal speed. This shows that you really need another eyeball to use an SDR correctly. Some surveillance processes can take weeks or months of information gathering. Use illogical routes, and vary times and routes. They dont look out of place in almost any situation. You start to think you are being followed so you watch your mirrorlike a hawk as you pull out into the street. Most bugs transmit information, whether data, video, or voice, through the air by using radio waves. Mobile surveillance detection: As you move forward, try to find creative ways to take short glances at the area behind you and behind but on the other side of the street. Attackers select a potential victim and begin collecting information. To put all this into practice, we bring you several general rules and procedures: These are only some of the best practices that can quickly turn your luck around in countering surveillance. Learn how and when to remove this template message, List of counterintelligence organizations, "The Family of Technologies That Could Change The Privacy Dynamic", "Information Security Expert to Host Seminar on Counter Surveillance", "Edward Snowden, after months of NSA revelations, says his mission's accomplished", "New Miss Teen USA claims she was the victim of an online extortion plot", "SCEPTRE Signal Processing Software 3dB Labs", "Data-collection program got green light from MacKay in 2011", "Confirmed: Canada Has NSA-Style Surveillance Program", Counterintelligence and counter-terrorism organizations,, Articles with dead external links from September 2022, Articles with permanently dead external links, Articles needing additional references from August 2013, All articles needing additional references, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0. The main goal is to trick the enemy and stop the attack by the completion of the surveillance. The CIA, MI6, and operatives worldwide know that surveillance and counter-surveillance skills can mean the difference between life and death. Low-tech sweeping devices are available through amateur electrical magazines, or they may be built from circuit designs on the Internet. Equipment you need for wherever your adventures in life take you. Once again, no onefollows you to your last destination whereyou are going to get your oil changed. As counterintuitive as it may first appear, one of the best ways of detecting, proving and protecting yourself against surveillance is to use your own form of covert surveillance. As such, any employee of said companies could also be a possibletarget. Countersurveillance may include electronic methods such as technical surveillance counter-measures, which is the process of detecting surveillance devices. All rights reserved, Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window). Another method is using very sensitive thermal cameras to detect residual heat of a bug, or power supply, that may be concealed in a wall or ceiling. May 2002 - Jul 202220 years 3 months. When you see someone over TIME,in multiple ENVIROMENTS, throughDISTANCE or displaying unusualDEMEANOR, Paying too much or too little attentionto you, Following (changing lanes with you,exiting with you, running red trafficlights to stay with you), Keeping hands hidden (pre-assaultbehavior), Attempting to look preoccupied butstill displaying interest in you, Sitting in vehicles for extended periodsof time, Making communications as you departor arrive, Vehicles (out of place, seen repeatedly,too nice/too beat up for location), Open mailboxes, disturbed trashcans,items out of place, Reflections or lights (potential cameraindicators), Unusual vehicle attachments (GPSunits on your vehicle or camerasmounted on other vehicles), Piles of cigarettes on the ground outsideof a vehicle window, Unusual or out of place objects (hiddencameras). The browser you're using is out of date and your experience on our site will be less than optimal. Tips on staying active, fueled and ready to overcome all obstacles. We can't wait to send you the latest tips, trends and info. Now you are leaving the bank and walkingback to work when you notice his reflectionin a shop window. Counter Surveillance (CS) Counter surveillance is a follow-up measure that is taken only after hostile surveillance has been detected. of disease surveillance is to predict, observe, and minimize the harm caused by outbreak,epidemic, andpandemic situations, as well as increase knowledge about which factors contribute to such circumstances. I will leave you with this last scenario to assess if you have internalized theselessons. The duration of the surveillance is a major factor and shows why its difficult to detect the common burglar or crime of opportunity. Predators are specificallyseeking people who are unaware. Counter Surveillance (CS) Counter surveillance is a follow-up measure that is taken only after hostile surveillance has been detected. What were the anomalies that tipped you off that something was wrong? If you have identified the opportunity, then youunderstand the crucial role that awareness plays in detecting surveillance. You should also take notes of suspicious activity, vehicles and persons. WebU.S. On a national level, counterintelligence operations exist to monitor and protect against surveillance by other nationalities or criminal groups such as terrorists. This is also where you can use misinformation to confuse and delay their information gathering. WebCounter-surveillance covers drills used by individuals or a team to evade surveillance. Thisis the statement a victim makes some time before the inevitable, They came out ofnowhere it was just too late to act,report. The terrorists thought he was dialed in and was checking for bombs each morning. The ultimate aim of counter-surveillance tactics is to identify the team or individual that is monitoring you and taking appropriate action afterward. 2009-2023 ITS Tactical // Imminent Threat Solutions. images) through cyberspace. He stands out to you becausehe is wearing baggy street clothes,but everyone in this part of town at thistime of day is wearing business clothes. In other words, the potential attackers or intruders should suspect or be sure that you detected them. Drive off a motorway and come back on again. Consterdine hits the nail on the head with this: Anti-surveillance starts with mindset the belief that someone is watching you. []. Some surveillance processes can take weeks or months of information gathering. One of the upcoming articles will be about checking your vehicle. You want to disrupt the take-away. You also want to appear as a hard target, so they move on to someone else. So you need to play it smart here. Cyber crook who captured nude photos of Miss Teen USA 2013 by infiltrating through the webcam in her home. Depending on the situation, the person conducting the surveillance tactic will have to decide whether they will do so while walking or by using technical surveillance, like GPS-based tracking devices, email interception, telephone taps, or mobile phone monitoring. Bugs that do not emit radio waves are very difficult to detect, though there are a number of options for detecting such bugs. Counter surveillance is a procedure that is used to identify and detect ongoing surveillance to develop a suitable countermeasure. These are measures taken to surveil if you are being surveilled. What was thefirst red flag that really made you want to act? Whether protecting your preps and homesteadfrom bandits in a post-collapse situation ordefending your family from vicious criminalstomorrow, awareness will be the key to yourvictoryand ultimately, your survival. Your registry of the best opportunities in executive protection. This, of course, includes you! This RF detector, otherwise known as a bug detector, is an all-around excellent device for locating and pinpointing modern wireless bugging devices. When are you vulnerable? Many surveillance techniques use human methods rather than electronic. They are intended to check the spy's access to confidential information at the selection and collection phases. They entail continuous observation and awareness to detect patterns or surveillance around the person youre protecting. It is related to ELINT, SIGINT and electronic countermeasures (ECM). Methodology [ edit] Radio frequencies [ edit] We recommend that you use an alternative browser for many reasons including greater security and a better experience when browsing the web. Develop these abilities as if the safety of your principal and yourself depended on it. In fact, this attitude of mind means believing that someone is watching you at all times. You turn to look over yourshoulder and he acts noticeably startledby your eye contact. Full range of servicesIntelligence HubIntelligence TechnologyEsoteric Risk & AssuranceEsoteric TSCM & Counter-Espionage, Mitie, Level 12, The Shard, 32 London Bridge Street, London SE1 9SG, Mitie, 650 Pavilion Drive, Northampton Business Park, Northampton, NN4 7SL, Esoteric Ltd, The Links Business Centre, Old Woking Road, Old Woking, GU22 8BF. He is just hanging out in frontof a business when you walk by, and thenlater when you exit the caf he is lingeringacross the street. Instead, they are there to protect you the principal and not engage in unnecessary scuffles or bar fights with your industry arch-nemesis. Lets now highlight the differences between counter-surveillance and anti-surveillance. [] wheels for your company leaders has a profound effect on their security. Simply put, questions that need to be answered are the root causeof all surveillance activity. Counter Surveillance: Electronic Search There are a number of electronic ways to search for hidden spy bugs. Learning to recognize anomalies is the fast track to securing your life. Some detection equipment is readily available from online retailers or can be built using other accessible components. theft of financial, personal or corporate data). Training, Scenario Testing & Live Exercises. Understanding these counter-surveillance techniques can mean the difference between getting home safe or ending up in someones trunk. Department of Homeland Security. More importantly, to render laser microphones less effective, use: As a matter of fact, use all three if possible. What you thought was paranoia was actually someone surveilling you this dayhas just turned into a nightmare. Information on news, history and events both inside ITS and throughout the world. Infact, a unique deep scratch in the paint ofthe strange vehicle is what caught yourattention the first time, and this is certainlythe same vehicle. Measures undertaken to prevent surveillance, International movements currently active In Canada. Counter surveillance is a technique used to detect and recognize ongoing surveillance to develop suitable countermeasures. The goals are to trick the attacker and prevent the attack by ending or thwarting the surveillance. As you walk by the vehicle, you can hearthe pinging of an engine that is coolingdown. Medical Bag Updates: Repacking & Maintaining Over the Counter Medications Go-To Preparedness Bags and Food Selections Consider the Three Ps Before Packing for Your Next Trip All Apparel Body Armor Camouflage Dive EDC Eyewear Footwear Headwear Lighting Load Bearing Night Vision Packs The Kepler Cardigan from PDW: Versatile This is part of a subconsciousrisk-versus-reward cycle that loops in thepredators brain. The word surveillance really means to observe.. CS basically turns the tables by conducting surveillance on the surveillance in order to collect more detailed information on it. Same as the really old wordcounterattack. Mobile surveillance detection: As you move forward, try to find creative ways to take short glances at the area behind you and behind but on the other side of the street. These are the areas where you need to be vigilant. Be dialed in and keep your head on a swivel. The 21st-century survivalistneeds to recognize that otherpeople can pose as large a threatto their well-being as anyenvironmental or circumstantialscenario. If you stray from your usual business, the entity following your principals every move will suspect that their cover has been blown. It takes a lot of practice doing surveillance to be able to use a ruse or disguise effectively. Sometimes things dont go according to plan. Where are your valuables? [12] This program searches for and collects meta-data of Canadians across the country.[13]. Use Surveillance Detection Routes (SDRs) The best way to avoid surveillance is by varying your routine and avoiding routes you habitually use. Well, its because it does! You know, that point in the story that madeyou stop and think, DO SOMETHING! How many opportunities did you have to stop or preventthe robbery? Does a vehicle move when you move? In this case its your work address. If the same car shows up at home and work, thats called a clue. Fortunately, here we will equip you with the techniques to confront them all. ANOMALIES & THEIR KEY INDICATORS PEOPLE KEY INDICATORS: People that appear to be out of place Besides taps and bugs, specialized shotgun mikes can pick up your voice from a distance of up to 300 feet. While someone parked outside your neighborhood or place of work who is watching your comings and goings is true surveillance, so is someone following you in a car or on foot.
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